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Your Credit Score Matters!

If you don't take care of your credit score, it could cost you in lost opportunity and wasted money.

This is probably one of the most important documents you will read this year and could save you a small fortune!

37% of U.S. Adults in 2009 admitted they Did Not Know Their Credit Score!!!! *
64% of U.S. Adults in 2009 Did Not Order A Copy Of Their Credit Report!!!! *

If you haven't done it already, we strongly recommend you get & review your Credit Report before you apply for a mortgage. Get Your Credit Report Now .

Why should you?

  • Maintain Your Reputation!
  • See What The Mortgage Company Will See - Before They See It!
  • Verify Your Information!
    • Identity Information to include; name, alias, address, social security number, birth date, current & past employer and more...
    • Types of Credit to include: Any loans, credit cards, mortgages and other lines of credit. Review balances and payment history for accuracy...
    • Credit Inquiries: Review past inquiries to include from known & unknown sources, potential or current employer reviews...
    • Public Records & Collection Items: Any past or ongoing bankruptcies, charge-off records, foreclosure actions, liens, judgments and collection records.
  • Know & Manage Your Credit Score!

Ready to take that important step yet? Get your Credit Report Now

*COST OF Credit in Your Mortgage! Your score plays a huge role in your mortgage interest rate: (The following is based upon a fixed rate mortgage for $200,000.00)

760+ - Monthly APR $1,048 [4.785%]
700-759 - Monthly APR $1,074 [5.007%]
680-699 - Monthly APR $1,096 [5.184%]
660-679 - Monthly APR $1,123 [5.398%]
640-659 - Monthly APR $1,177 [5.828%]
620-639 - Monthly APR $1,248 [6.374%]

Under 620 - You most likely will not qualify for a mortgage - Sign-up Right Now and begin using the online tools to quickly repair your credit and increase your Credit Score! Not sure how to improve your credit? Use our easy to follow credit repair guide to increase your credit score in as little as 30 to 60 days!

Still Not Sure???

Your credit score says a lot about who you are! Knowing and managing your score can save you a lot of money EVERY YEAR! Your score directly impacts:

  • Your homeowner insurance premiums!
  • Your auto insurance premiums!
  • Your health insurance premiums!
  • Your life & disability insurance premiums!
  • The Interest Rate you pay when you finance a new or used vehicle, boat, watercraft, motorcycle, ATV, RV, travel trailer, computer, TV, appliances and SO MUCH MORE!
  • The Interest Rate you pay on unsecured loans and credit cards!
  • Your EMPLOYMENT status, Job Promotions and Future Job Opportunities!**

Your credit impacts HOW MUCH MONEY you have available to spend every day, of every month, of every year - of your life! It is that big a deal! Over your lifetime - How Much Extra Money will YOU PAY because you did not manage your credit score?

Take a moment, make a serious effort, and give it a try for one year. The road to a good credit score takes the first step in building good credit management habits! Take the first step to improving your situation; managing your credit! Take the actions necessary to improving your credit score and reducing your costs of borrowing for a lifetime of financial benefits! Get Started Right Now!

This may NOT be right for you! However, if you know you have room for improvement - if you know you need to do something about your credit score....NOW IS THE TIME! Get Started Right Now!



*Source of mortgage data and credit data from Brass Magazine - a publication of Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union.

**If your employer or future employer uses credit based hiring and promotion practices.

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