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Modular Home Financing

Comprehensive home loan financing solutions for the purchase or refinancing of a modular home.

Modular Home Financing
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It's not unusual for us to get a phone call with questions regarding how a home buyer should go about the financing of a modular home. While a home loan is complicated, the process of choosing a home shouldn't be. Modular home financing is really not that different than getting a new home loan on a traditional stick-built home. If you own a modular home and are just looking to refinance, we can help with that too! Just use our quick quote form to get started!

Purchasing a new modular home can offer home buyers a wide range of pre-designed floor plans to choose from. Many manufacturers of modular homes have 40 to 100 or more pre-designed homes with upgrades and options as diverse as many custom home builders offer -- enough to fit the tastes, desires, and needs of virtually every potential homebuyer.

In fact, when you begin adding up all of the options available to customize your modular home, the choices can really go well into the hundreds. From carpeting type, color of hardwood floors, to brick or pine, fireplaces and window types, the decisions a modular home buyer faces are broad indeed -- this is the beauty of a modular home! Once you've found the right floor plan, you can really treat how it is built just like you would treat a custom home product.

The best part about a modular home is the fact they can cost from 20% to 25% less per square foot than what you would pay for a conventional stick-built property! We do offer home loans for Modular Homes! Use our quick quote to learn more!

As a mortgage company that offers home loans for modular homes, we'll gladly work with any manufacturer you choose to put you into the best loan at the best rate with great financing terms. We believe we offer not just strong service, but great value to our customers as well. Financing with an independent mortgage company creates an arm's-length approach to doing business. Separating the building of the modular home and financing of the modular home can help to minimize your exposure financially. Give us the opportunity to help you to finance your modular home -- we're confident you'll be amazed with the service, expertise, and mortgage loan program choices available! Just complete our quick quote to get started promptly.

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