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Delaware FHA Loan

Delaware is a nice place to have your own sweet little home and one of the best financing options is to go for a Delaware FHA loan, which will cover all your home buyer or homeowner refinancing needs. There are various FHA loan limits depending on the county like New Castle has a loan limit of $292,685, Kent has a loan limit of $266,300 and Sussex has a loan limit of $247,000. These Delaware FHA loan limits can change, based upon the average sales price of homes within the communities.

Qualifying for a Delaware FHA loan is, relatively speaking, simple and due to the flexibility and security more and more people are opting for a Delaware FHA mortgage. The mortgage programs offered by FHA for Delaware are not driven by credit scores, which is another advantage that the loan program presents over any other conventional loan. If you have an existing subprime loan and want to refinance out of your subprime loan into a low rate FHA loan then these will be the benefits that you will derive:

  • The Delaware FHA loan has NO prepayment penalties!
  • The closing costs of the FHA loan as well as prepaid fees involved with getting a FHA loan from us, a Delaware FHA mortgage company, can be included in the refinance loan.
  • Have a high interest rate manufactured home loan? FHA can finance mobile homes as well as factory-built housing. Of all the Delaware FHA mortgage products, you can look at two specific loan products. The first one is for those who own the land on which the home has been built and the other is specifically for mobile homes located in mobile home parks.
  • FHA offers cash out refinancing up to 85% LTV with great low rates!
  • Choose from a fixed or ARM loan
  • Every Delaware FHA loan has an outstanding rate regardless of credit scores. If you're approved you'll get a good interest rate.

Beyond the above, the Delaware programs also include:

  • FHA offers its loans through HUD approved lenders and the FHA loan program allows you to buy a home, fix it, and can include the entire cost in one loan itself. If you own a home that needs repair assistance then you can also have it financed through the FHA mortgage programs.
  • One of the mortgage programs offered by DE mortgage lender is the FHA's Streamline 203(k) Mortgage. This specific FHA mortgage can help home buyers to tap into cash with ease and pay for property repairs or home improvements, as identified or accepted by a FHA appraiser or a home inspector. The Streamline 203(K) FHA mortgage program will also allow home buyers to finance an additional $35,000 on their existing loan for qualified home improvements.

Apart from benefits in refinancing, DE FHA loan has other benefits to like:

  • You will not have to worry about income restrictions on the FHA loan that you borrow from a DE mortgage company. You can make 1 Million Dollars a year and qualify for an FHA loan.
  • FHA offers a relaxed credit quality, income, and asset requirement.
  • A co-borrower of the FHA loan doesn't necessarily have to live in the same home as you
  • If the FHA home loan rates fall and if you are looking for refinance, then you won't be required to pay for a new appraisal or credit report using the Delaware FHA streamline refinance.
  • The basic DE FHA mortgage will allow you to buy a home with as little as a 3.5% down payment. In most of the cases the down payment can be derived from a gift by a close friend or relative. You can also use one of hundreds of approved Down Payment Assistance Programs!
  • With the Delaware FHA home rehabilitation loan program, qualified borrowers and property will be allowed to borrow money, which is apart from the purchase price for home improvements.
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