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Mortgage Refinance

Refinancing existing home loans for better rates, cash out refi's, and getting out of resetting adjustable rate mortgages.

Mortgage Refinance Programs
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Are you a homeowner wanting to refinance your mortgage to get out of a rapidly resetting adjustable rate mortgage program? Maybe you need to refinance in order to get out of a high interest rate Sub-Prime (bad credit) mortgage? Perhaps, you could simply be looking at your options for a cash out refinance of your mortgage to achieve some sort of debt relief? Maybe you have a good rate already and are just considering refinancing into a home loan with a lower interest rate or shorter repayment term?

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, there is a very good chance we have an ideal mortgage refinancing option for you. With a huge assortment of homeowner refi programs, our home loan origination team may be able to get you out of that resetting ARM, away from a high rate mortgage, provide comparisons on rate/term refinancing, and even help you get some cash out for whatever purpose it's needed. Use our quick quote to get started right away!

Unlike a home equity line of credit or a second mortgage, the refinancing of a mortgage is really no different than when you first purchased your home. Our originators can assist you with achieving your objective using a single mortgage loan at today's best interest rates.

And let's face the facts -- as homeowners, it's easy to get sold on going for a mortgage refinance program based upon a very attractive, but usually very misleading, low advertised interest rate. The truth is, it's not always easy to figure out whether it's the best time for a mortgage refinance and whether or not we're really making the best choices.

Our mortgage originators can work with you find out whether getting a cash out refinance loan or choosing a HELOC or second mortgage is in your best interest. If you're looking to refinance for a better rate and term, our originators can look at your existing loan and financial information to help you understand whether or not that's really in your interest as well. We also have a great online mortgage refinance calculator you can check out as well! Get started, use our fast and easy quick quote application.

Does Refinancing a Mortgage Make Sense?

Here are some scenarios where refinancing a home loan can make a whole lot of sense.

When you originally signed your mortgage papers, another mortgage company convinced you that the "adjustable rate mortgage" is stable and "you've got nothing to worry about," yet not 4 years later, the indexes have popped and trends say you're going to be paying 9 or 10% before you know it! It's definitely time for a rate and term refinance into a fixed rate loan!

You had some credit issues when you first financed your home, and since that time, you found out you could have qualified for a great low rate FHA mortgage instead of the high risk loan our competition put you in. As a homeowner, it's really time to worry! Our skilled team may be able to help correct that problem and save you tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Lets look at refinancing you out of that high rate, high risk, bad credit loan into a low fixed rate conventional mortgage or a low rate FHA mortgage! Don't have any equity? Upside down on your home? There may be a government program to assist in a rate and term refinance. Use our quick quote to learn more!

Your debt has accumulated to the point that you're no longer able to live within your means and enjoying your home has become a chore. You now find yourself working for your creditors and just struggling to pay your taxes, much less put food on your table. It's a bad situation, to say the least, for any homeowner. Our crack team of mortgage origination experts may be able to assist you in putting the equity in your home to work for you! You can use your home to refinance with a debt consolidation loan and create a single fixed rate loan payment that could save you hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Not to mention, you can actually start working for your future, not your past. Let our team review your financial situation and see what options you really have. Use our quick quote to get started now!

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