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FHA Purchase

Using the FHA loan to purchase a home can be the best decision you make as a home buyer.

Buying a home with the FHA Loan Program
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Why consider the FHA home buyer loan program? For most of us, the purchase of a home is the largest single financial decision we will ever find ourselves making. If you've been out shopping lenders and brokers, you're probably pretty tired of learning just how big an investment your home purchase is. The FHA purchase program is designed with consumers in mind. Government insured, the FHA home buyer loan focuses on you first and HUD is very particular about who it allows to originate the FHA loan program for this reason.

The fact is, as a home buyer, you need good counsel, a mortgage loan program that fits your needs, a great interest rate, and an FHA Loan Specialist that can actually get your loan closed. Learn more about the FHA purchase program for home buyers by using our quick quote to find out more!

Lets face it...A great rate without a loan, well, is just a great rate that does you no good.

So what are the benefits for buying a home using the FHA loan program?

  • Easier Qualifying
  • Low FHA Interest rates
  • You do not have to be a first time buyer
  • Higher Loan To Values for the typical home buyer - Finance More!
  • Significantly Lower Down Payment requirements for most home buyers
  • Low or No cash Reserve Requirements
  • Not Credit Score Driven
  • 30 year and 15 year financing terms
  • No Fancy programs that can get you into financial trouble
  • Higher debt ratios
  • Up to 6% seller paid closing costs
  • Fully assumable
  • Non-occupying co-borrowers allowed
  • finance mobile homes & modular homes
  • The ability to streamline refinance if rates go down
  • So Much More!

No matter what you've heard about the FHA purchase program, the benefits of an FHA mortgage are significant. As a home buyer, the program is designed to protect you. it comes with a tremendous amount of upside for consumers. Why not use our quick quote to get started now!

What if you don't have a down payment? As your Loan Specialist, that becomes our problem! Our mortgage originators view a problem as just one more opportunity to create a solution! Using our FHA loan program for home buyers, we can use qualifying down payment assistance and seller concessions to structure your home purchase in a way that will absolutely minimize your out of pocket expenses! We're not saying you're eligible for a DPA for sure; however, if you're working with one, chances are good our mortgage pros can work with you!

Our seasoned loan specialists are exceptionally knowledgeable and can help to guide you through the mortgage process of buying your home. Why not maximize the enjoyment of the home buying experience -- use our quick quote to get started now! Most importantly, you can confidently trust that our FHA mortgage professionals will do everything possible to not only get you the best rate possible, but also to place you in a position where you can actually become a homeowner!

The objective of our FHA home buyer specialists is to place you in the right loan the first time, so that you, as a client, won't find yourself in a loan program that really doesn't fit your needs or your financial budget. You will receive candid counsel and an array of loan options during your purchase, all of which you can you use to make your own choices about what is right for you and your family. Why not just use our quick quote to learn more?

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