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North Carolina FHA Loans

Purchasing a new home in North Carolina might just be the most perfect long-term investment a home buyer can make. Truly one of the most beautiful states in the union, North Carolina properties offer spectacular views and a diversity of urban, city, and country living, all with very desirable locations throughout the state! If you are already a resident of North Carolina, then you know exactly what we mean!

While NC residents have a wide menu of mortgage financing options, we like to recommend the FHA loan program for its stability and the security it provides for both homeowners and home buyers alike. Backed by the federal government, the FHA mortgage product provides borrowers with access to easier qualifying guidelines, low interest rates, and expanded home ownership opportunity. While many believe the FHA loan is for first-time buyers only, nothing could be further from the truth!

The FHA mortgage program offers North Carolina residents a wide range of benefits when it comes to financing owner-occupied real estate. No, FHA is not for real estate investors. Rather, the FHA program is designed for families looking for a quality, affordable, home financing solution.

Just some of the many benefits our NC FHA loan program offers include:

  • Credit scores are not considered -- only credit quality.
  • Higher debt ratios are allowed for both housing and total debt.
  • Home buyers and homeowners can finance mobile homes with land.
  • Where conventional loans can typically require anywhere from 5% to 20% down, the FHA program only requires 3.5% for your downpayment.
  • Your downpayment can come in the form of a grant from a qualified agency or as a gift from family members, long-time family friends, or your employer.
  • A seller can pay up to 6% of the purchase price towards your closing costs.
  • Interest rates for refinance and purchase are comparable or lower than those offered through conventional and bank lending.
  • 15 year and 30 year repayment terms are available.
  • Fixed rate and ARM products are available.
  • Purchase or refinance a home that needs repairs by using the FHA 203K rehabilitation loan.
  • If you have an FHA loan, you can streamline refinance your loan in order to change your repayment terms, lower your interest rate, or change your loan from an ARM to a fixed rate -- all without having to "re-qualify" for a loan! A streamline FHA loan also has much smaller closing costs than a traditional refinance does.
  • If you own your North Carolina home, you can use the FHA loan program to access equity in your home via a cash-out refinance mortgage.
  • And many, many more benefits!

The benefits of an FHA loan for North Carolina home buyers and home owners are plentiful indeed! However, even if the FHA product is not for you, we offer a diverse portfolio of conventional mortgage loan, mortgage refinance, and second mortgage products to meet your needs. We also offer the 100% financing USDA rural housing loan product!

Why not give us a call today or request more information on one of our multiple real estate loan products!

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