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Home Buyer Mortgage

Getting a home loan to purchase a primary residence can be a snap with our diverse portfolio of home buyer programs.

Home Buyer Mortgage Programs
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The available portfolio of conventional financing programs for home buyers seeking a mortgage to purchase a home is deep and diverse. Don't let getting a conventional mortgage dampen the excitement of your home buying experience. Our expert loan originators can provide you with a great home buyer mortgage at a very competitive interest rate and ideal financing terms. Use our quick quote to find out more about our many mortgage programs designed around home buyers.

Buying a home can be a very exciting, as well as daunting, process. This is even more so for home buyers purchasing in a unstable real estate market. If you find yourself in unfamiliar waters and faced with finding the answers you need on what types of mortgage options are available today, our expert mortgage originators provide the experienced counsel and guidance you want and need in choosing the best home buyer mortgage in an unstable real estate market. We have a diverse range of home loan options tailor-made for many home buyers, along with all of the experience you want from a true mortgage professional. Use our fast and easy quick quote to learn more!

Whether you live in urban North Carolina or in central Florida, we have many homebuyer loan options available as part of our portfolio of mortgage products. We can even customize them according to your exact needs. However, there are a few factors that every home buyer needs to be aware of that many of our competitors won't tell you. Keeping these facts in mind will help improve your chances of getting a great home loan that's right for you:

  • With a conventional loan, your credit score and credit diversity plays a major role in how much you can qualify to finance as a home buyer.
  • Local real estate market conditions, called declining market values, as indicated on your property appraisal can dramatically impact the amount you can finance.
  • Your down payment and cash reserves are very important!
  • When planning a purchase, don't go out and use your charge cards, or make new purchases, like a new car, on credit.
  • Don't buy new furniture or other new home items until AFTER you've closed on your home loan. Even when payments are deferred for 12 or 24 months, these new payments can impact your approval!
  • Don't run off and pay down or pay off credit cards or other debts without first consulting with your loan originator!
  • The amount of down payment you need for a conventional loan is based upon your credit score and whether or not you are a first time buyer. Typical home buyers can expect a 5% to 20% down payment, depending upon your credit score and other factors as determined by Fannie/Freddie (this means all lenders follow the same basic guidelines). Those qualifying as first time home buyers (if you have not owned a home in over three years) may be eligible for a 97% financing program.
  • With a conventional home loan, ALL lenders will adjust your final interest rate based upon various factors. So that really great rate someone offered without knowing a thing about you, most probably won't be as great when all the factors are accounted for. These factors can include:
    • Your credit score
    • Your Loan-To-Value (amount of down payment)
    • Points you are paying.
    • Total-Loan-To-Value - If you are financing part of your purchase using a second mortgage or HELOC.
    • Your property type - condo, town home, PUD, etc.
    • And other factors can affect your final eligible program rate. This is why we do not post interest rates: It's like starting our relationship with a lie.

We work hard to provide the highest level of service and solutions to our home buying clients. We participate in the joy of buying a new home and celebrate the event just like you. Our mission is to provide you the right mortgage that matches your financial means tied to your unique individual needs and requirements.

Our team of expert loan officers are well-trained, experienced, and they completely understand that every mortgage client has different requirements, therefore needing a customized home loan solution that caters to their experience as a first time or seasoned home buyer. We're not in the business of pushing "Loan Products" because they pay us the most money -- we focus on offering you the best mortgage program that best fits your goals and financial picture. Use our quick quote for a no obligation consultation.

Our large variety of conventional home buyer mortgage programs and their loan variations allows us to identify and choose the 'IDEAL' loan product for almost any client's requirements. If we don't have the program you want, or if you don't feel safe in the mortgage we recommend, then we don't deserve your business. So whether you require a non-conforming jumbo loan for the purchase of a luxurious condo, you're a home buyer with a low credit score and we need to recommend our low down payment safe and secure FHA loan option, or you just want lower payments using a conventional interest only mortgage loan for improved cash flow, we like to think we have it all and more.

Here are just some of the conventional home buyer loan programs that we currently offer:

  • long-term fixed rate loans
  • adjustable rate mortgage products:
    • 3/1 ARM Mortgages
    • 5/1 ARM Loan
    • 7/1 ARM Mortgage
    • 10/1 ARM Loans
  • investment property loans
  • home buyer loans for teachers, firefighters, and police officers
  • first time home buyer programs to 97% financing
  • and much more.

The fact is, these are just SOME of the conventional home buyer mortgage products available for our clients. We can originate anything offered under Fannie or Freddie underwriting guidelines!

If the quality of the mortgage you get when purchasing a home is just as important as the rate of interest you pay on your next home loan, you want to speak with one of our mortgage originators. We assure you, you will enjoy doing business with us as much as we'll enjoy working for you. Use our quick quote to get in touch later.

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